Starting a new business in Puerto Rico?

Nov. 8, 2021 – Starting a new business or developing an existing one is of particular interest. Our attorneys work closely to establish new business entities, from determining what
type of structure it should use to filing for and obtaining the various permits and licenses necessary to conduct operations in Puerto Rico.

Have you heard of ACT 60?
50% exemption on municipal license taxes. 75% exemption on real and personal property taxes on property used for the export, promotion, and or trade services. One (1) employee required if the company’s projected or actual volume of business exceeds three million ($3,000,000). 15-year decree term, renewable for 15 years. No federal taxes paid in Puerto Rico.

Our vast experience includes complex mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and the creation of special purpose entities. We also deal with matters pertaining to corporate strategy, negotiations and interpretation of contracts, and general corporate law, including shareholder and partnership agreements.- “Luis Gierbolini, ESQ. CEO- Gierbolini Consulting Group.”

We are a full-service CPA and Law firm licensed in Puerto Rico. We offer a broad range of services for business owners, executives, and independent professionals. We are affordable, experienced, and friendly. Call Us Today! 787-705-6120

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