Government Relations

In Puerto Rico, as in any other jurisdiction; to maintain access and good relations with the central government and the legislative branch is important to the business interests of any individual, joint venture, corporation or any other entity doing business in that jurisdiction.

During many years, our Government Relations Department has developed the knowledge of how the different Puerto Rico Government agencies operate and how to obtain the services any business needs from the Puerto Rico Government on a timely basis. We have also developed access to, and respect from the Puerto Rico state legislature members and its staff to advise them in regard to the convenience or not of approving any specific legislation.

The services provided to clients in the Government Relations Department includes obtaining the licenses, permits and authorizations required to do business in Puerto Rico. We also serve a liaison between our clients and the different branches of the Puerto Rico government to safeguard our client’s interests.

We also maintain our clients informed of any development occurring at the Puerto Rico Legislature that might affect our clients’ interests. We also provide to the Puerto Rico legislature the facts against or in favor of any proposed legislation that would affect adversely or positively the interests and operations of our clients, and will perform all the related and necessary legal, economic and business research.

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