The appropriate corporate structure and an effective tax planning can provide substantial savings to your business organization and can guarantee your business success. Tax considerations play a key role in your business day to day operations. We are a business, corporate and tax law boutique consulting firm. We provide our clients guidance during the planning and development phases of their business strategy and guide them on the achievement of their business objectives.

Tax services

We provide a wide array of services, some of which are described below in greater detail.
We assist our clients in selecting and implementing the appropriate structure to conduct their operations in Puerto Rico and/or the United States. In the planning and implementation process, we advise clients as to the advantages and associated tax costs of the different alternatives to conduct their business in Puerto Rico and/or the United States.
Once the structure is selected, we prepare for clients a list of documents and forms, which need to be filed with the different government agencies. Also, we assist our clients in the preparation of such documents and in notifying the different government municipal agencies and federal agencies of their commencement of operations in Puerto Rico.

We meticulously review and prepare reports, documents, and tax returns required for submission to various governmental bodies, including the Puerto Rico Treasury Department, the United States Internal Revenue Service, Puerto Rico municipalities, the Puerto Rico State Department, and the Municipal Revenue Collection Center.

Moreover, we specialize in assisting our clients with Act 60 compliance. This includes facilitating the procurement of excise tax identification numbers, employer identification numbers, and other licenses essential for conducting operations within Puerto Rico. Our comprehensive services ensure that businesses can navigate Act 60 requirements seamlessly while maximizing their tax incentives.

We advise clients on how to carry out the restructuring of their operations in Puerto Rico and/or the United States and the associated tax implications. In addition, we advise our clients in structuring tax-free liquidations, mergers and other corporate reorganizations. Also, we counsel clients as to tax implications that must be considered when buying and selling assets and/or a business, together with the alternatives available to achieve their objectives.
We represent our clients before the Puerto Rico and United States taxing authorities on their investigation of our client’s returns. When providing these services, we analyze our client’s tax returns in order to identify areas of possible exposure. In addition, we analyze any preliminary adjustment proposed by the taxing authorities. We also prepare and/or review all documents and/or agreements to be submitted to the taxing authorities during the investigation. If a satisfactory agreement cannot be reached at the administrative level, we represent our clients in the appropriate judicial forum.

We assist our clients in selecting and applying for tax exemption grants under various Puerto Rico tax incentive acts, including Act 60. Our services involve a comprehensive analysis of the benefits offered by these acts to determine the best fit for our clients’ needs. Whether it’s renegotiating existing grants, extending them, or obtaining new ones, we provide expert guidance throughout the application process.

We assist clients in structuring transactions from a tax perspective in order to achieve their goals. We assist clients in identifying the tax implications of changes to the different tax laws in United States and/or Puerto Rico and in establishing a plan to reduce any negative tax impact or implications.
We aid our clients who wish to purchase tax credits in the analysis of available tax credits and in negotiating buy and sell agreements. We can assist our clients in structuring business transactions in order to take advantage of tax credits and the preparation of all the documentation needed to qualify for such credits.
We assist our clients in securing favorable determination letters from the Puerto Rico Treasury Department as to the tax implications of contemplated transactions, including liquidations, reorganizations, change in accounting method, change in accounting year, special partnership election, corporation of individual elections, tax credits and other transactions under the Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Code of 2011, as amended, or other special tax acts.
We assist our clients in their estate and gift tax planning. In this process, we study the particular situation of our client and recommend the actions necessary to properly manage his/her actual and potential estate and/or gift tax responsibility
We provide our clients advise as to how to structure their operations outside of Puerto Rico and/or the United States. As part of our advice, we will help our clients in choosing the best location for their business. Also, we will advise them in regard to the tax consequences of establishing its operations in a specific jurisdiction and as to the most adequate choice of entity in that jurisdiction. Through our affiliated offices in the different foreign countries we will provide or obtain any services necessary for our clients and its businesses.
We provide our clients advise as to the convenience of establishing a FREE TRADE ZONE or their operation. If convenient, we will certify our client premises as a Free Trade Zone. Our work in this area includes the preparation of all required paperwork and the representation of our clients at the FREE TRADE ZONE Board at Washington, D.C. It also includes the preparation of client premises to work as a Free Trade Zone.
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