We are a full-service CPA and Law firm licensed in Puerto Rico, offering expertise in Act 60 tax incentives as well as other relevant Puerto Rico tax incentive acts. Our services cater to business owners, executives, and independent professionals seeking to optimize their tax benefits. With our affordable rates, extensive experience, and approachable demeanor, we provide personalized assistance to effectively navigate the complexities of Puerto Rico tax laws and regulations.

Tax considerations play a key role in your business day-to-day operations. The appropriate structure and effective tax planning can provide substancial savings and can guarantee your business success. We understand what’s at stake and how critical taxes are for you. That’s why our main business is taxes.

Profesional team

We are a unique, corporate we are tax law consulting firm established in 2007 proud to belong to a committed entrepreneurial network of tax advisors, capable of handling any corporate, tax and/or other business endeavor of any size and/or complexity.

Business strategies

Our main focus is to provide unique and cutting edge strategies that enhances potential for success, while providing guidance during the planning and development phases of their business strategies and their objectives.

We provide a wide array of services, for a brief summary of our services.

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