Corporate Department

Compliance with corporate laws, proper corporate organization and the knowledge of all-corporate related matters are an essential and integral part of a business entity and essential to its success. Due to the close relation between tax and corporate matters, with the purpose of providing a complete range of services to our clients, we have invested in developing a competent and through Corporate Department.

The corporate department of Gierbolini Consulting Group serves a large client base from Puerto Rico’s industrial and commercial community, as well as major national, multinational, and foreign companies doing business as Puerto Rico.

We offer our clients a broad range of services from procedures involved in establishing local operations, through permitting, regulatory affairs, and “need-to-know” advice on all operational aspects. We also provide extensive counseling in strategic, legal and business planning and assist clients on specific or day-to-day matters relating to general corporate matters, technology and intellectual property, securities, regulatory compliance, among other areas of expertise. In addition, a close relationship is established with clients in order to offer advice on a broad range of business transactions, including contracts, financing, reorganizations, legislative trends, sales and purchases of business entities, and mergers and acquisitions.

Gierbolini Consulting Group has particular expertise in counseling and negotiating domestic and international acquisitions taking place in and outside Puerto Rico. The firm’s corporate section handles sales and acquisitions of public and private companies, “going private” transactions, and leveraged buyouts. In these transactions, the group has represented major investment banking firms, corporate shareholders, target selling companies, and acquiring firms

ASSET Protection Services– We develop stategies to protect your business and personal assets to allow you to maximize the value of your assets

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